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Got Choices?

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First, thank you for taking some time to thoughtfully consider the principle of choice. In an age of fast food, fast entertainment, and fast media, it is becoming unfortunately rare to find the time to just read and ponder. But there is really no other way to understand some of life’s biggest and most important questions.

Second, if you’re like me, and hate forewards and introductions in books, feel free to skip ahead to the beginning and jump right in!

I wrote this work because I felt I had some important things to say—perhaps some things all of us need to be reminded of from time to time. Humanity has progressed to an interesting point in our evolution. We have unprecidented access to technology, resources, energy and information. And still, we have yet to show whether we will use it to help and uplift mankind, or whether we will just continue trying to subordinate and enslave one another.

This book is intended to help and uplift. And I believe there is nothing more uplifting than becoming the master of one’s own life, choices and destiny. But to do so requires effort and understanding. It requires that we talk to each other and discuss why individual free will is important. And then we must structure our society in a way that actually promotes the principles of self determination.

As will be discussed later in the book, the Internet and the Open Source movement have been critical developments in bringing increased choices and opportunities to regular people. So as I considered publishing this book, it seemed inconsistent to just follow the centuries-old method of printed words on a paper-bound book. Instead, I have chosen to publish in an exclusively electronic format. The book appears on the web site without cost—simply with the hope that it will do some good. So if you like it, please share it with others.

My experience in sharing the drafts with friends and colleagues is: it is a lot to take in. So you might get worn out if you try to read it straight through like a conventional book. That is one other reason I have published it in this format. The book is broken up into an outline so you can better digest it one chunk at a time. It is also accompanied by other articles which cover some of the same topics, but in a more abbreviated format.

One other difference: This is not intended to be a static work like a printed book. I am purposely beginning to release the early chapters before the final ones have been completed. I also intend to edit and improve it in an ongoing process. I may add sections or even chapters as new information becomes available and/or relevant.

Finally, what is published here represents my opinions only and is not intended to be a statement of fact. We all act according to the best knowledge we have available at the time. In the end, what we believe is a choice—just like most everything else in life.

Surely there are many things I haven’t yet considered, so I welcome your feedback.

Please read, ponder and enjoy!
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