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Seems like everyone has at least a few opinions about how things “ought to be.” This web site is dedicated to explaining a few of mine.

The center-piece of the site is the book: Got Choices, I like to think of as: "Yet Another Book About Life, The Universe And Everything." (Affectionate hat-tip to Douglas Adams and everyone else who enjoys thinking and writing about big questions.) But there are also a number of articles which cover related topics, typicaly in a abbreviated format. The articles are meant to stand alone, so some material is repeated from one article to another.

And most recently added is a section detailing a specific proposal for new money, based on the CHIPs model introduced in the book. I am hoping others will be willing to join this effort to introduce an open source platform for trading privately issued credits, or open source money.

I have included a book mark mechanism (in the upper right corner). Use that to save your place and you can come back later and read some more.

All written works on the site are authored by me, but I have been greatly influenced by a number of other people, so very few of the concepts covered are truly original.

The terms of the copyright are: You may access and share the site freely as long as it is done by reference (link) to the live web page. You are not entitled to reproduce, copy, distribute, quote, or create derivatives of the work in part, or in whole unless you accompany such use with full attribution, which includes a link to the live web page, Please contact me if you have any questions about use of the material.

All contents represent only my opinions and should not be construed as statements of fact. I reserve the right to change any part of the site as new information becomes available, as my understanding improves, or if I determine the previous language used did not accurately represent my intended meaning.

Since this is a currently non-commercial work, I have attempted to use only open-source and free resources (such as website hosting, icons and images) as much as possible. To the best of my knowledge, the images and figures on the site are either original by me, or have been obtained from web sites representing them as freely useable for this purpose. If you have knowledge that any such resource is not free for this use, please contact me and I will remove it.

Finally, this site is a work in process. There are sometimes pages on the site which do not yet have posted content. The drafts of these pages are in process and will be published when they are ready. As I periodically review the site, I regularly make changes and updates to improve style, accuracy, readability or presentation. I may also add, delete or modify sections as current events inspire. So check back often for the latest!

I sincerely hope these ideas help promote the kind of leadership and progress that furthers joy and fulfillment for the greatest number of people possible. The biggest barrier to this is, it is hard to get the information out to a large number of people. This is where you come in.

If you like something you read here, please share it with your friends. This is easy to do using the Share link at the bottom of each page. Add a personal note explaining why you liked the article or chapter and why you think your friends should read it.

If you don’t use facebook, then just send an email to your friends including a link to the page you liked. If everyone sent enough links to get 2 other people to visit the site, and those people did the same, we could spread the word in no time!

The ultimate goal of this work is, we stop relating to each other as a divided population of partisans (i.e. Republicans and Democrats). This false, political divide splits us into two nearly equal halves. And the issues we end up fighting over are not always the most important ones.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead, we could coalesce around the basic principles of choice, where a vast majority of us are already in agreement? Then maybe we could use all that extra energy to improve quality of life for ourselves and our neighbors.