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Got Choices?

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Making Change

We have discussed several principles which, if applied, would greatly protect and enhance our ability to enjoy and exercise our free will, while still fostering security and safety. But what has been described is very different from the world we live in. Power exists at the federal level and above, in unimaginable concentrations. How can it ever be dispersed and reallocated back to more local levels where it can be more safely handled and regulated?

Many would suggest we just need more freedom-minded people to run for office or we must support candidates who will go into national government to make positive change. We should support Good people running for office, and we should support proper reforms when they can be achieved. But is probably not realistic to expect that federal power can be used to limit federal power. We have seen too many people go to Washington only to become swallowed up in its power, culture and influence. It is large and vast and tends to crush anyone who shows up vowing to fight against its power.

Likewise, state power can seldom be used to limit state power since similar dynamics exist at that level too. When true change comes, it usually comes from the bottom, up. This is also part of the natural feedback process already discussed that tends to break down monopolies. When we get tired enough of big business and big government working together to monopolize power over our lives and choices, we must rise up and demand change. We call this process a revolution.

The word “revolution” sends chills up the spines of all centrist-minded elitists. When we think of a revolution, we may be reminded of the American founding fathers and the revolution they led against the tyranny of Britain’s monarchy. That process ultimately involved guns and bayonets and was a terrible sacrifice for the people of the new emerging nation. We should hope that kind of experience never has to be repeated. Rather, is it possible our advances in technology and social enlightenment have put us past a point where violent revolution will be necessary again? Can we now change things by communicating with each other and just deciding we want to do things a better way?

If so, we can truly be grateful. But true change from the bottom up, whether peaceful or violent, is a revolution nonetheless.

So what form will this revolution take? In fact, we have seen several peaceful revolutions in recent decades. In each case, centers of prior power were dissolved or dissipated. Individual freedom was enhanced, and the quality of life for those involved was greatly improved. We will discuss three peaceful revolutions that have occurred in our recent history. All are closely related, but worthy of separate consideration, nonetheless.

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