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Got Choices?

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The Practice of Choice

The first section has taken us on a journey through the past, the present and a possible future. We have examined how the concept of individual choice can be used to establish a more equitable and compassionate set of governing principles. And we have seen what can happen when society forgets about this critical ethical value.

We have briefly examined three recent revolutions that have disrupted established power structures throughout the world. What revolutions will come next? How will society change over the coming years and decades?

In this section we will change our approach from theoretical to practical and discuss a few very specific areas in which we might expect to see similar kinds of disruptive and revolutionary changes as those we have witnessed in recent decades. These are a few areas that could be just as significant to the decentralization of power and the improvement of living conditions as the coming of the information age. In reality, there are many other areas where similar reforms could, and hopefully, will take place.

One goal in presenting these ideas is that others will be inspired to refine and augment them. If enough people begin to promote the principles of choice, the chances of seeing real and lasting reform will be greatly enhanced. It is also hoped this discussion will stimulate thought in other specific areas where new and innovative solutions can be employed to solve familiar problems in a way that enhances our peace and our freedom of choice.

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