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MyCHIPs Digital Money

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MyCHIPs Basics

For the benefit of the impatient, let’s get right to the end point—the reasons for considering an alternative monetary system.

MyCHIPs creates a new open-source digital medium of exchange that:

  • Will save you money in your regular purchases;
  • Offers more privacy than bank money, or even cryptocurrency;
  • Is resistant to manipulation by government or corporate forces;
  • Is resistant to theft, loss, and counterfeiting;
  • Holds a consistent value—no inflation or deflation;
  • Is accessible by anyone/everyone—for free!
  • May give you more control over how and when your income is taxed;
  • Is infinitely scalable and fully distributed;
  • Makes credit less expensive and more available;
  • Avoids financial panics and crises;
  • Facilitates saving in a safer and more sustainable way.

In this section, we will start by introducing MyCHIPs in a few simplified ways. We will also address some common questions many people have:

  • How can you just make a new kind of money?
  • Doesn’t money have to come from the government?
  • Is this another blockchain thing?
  • Why not just use Bitcoin/blockchain—isn’t that the best digital money?
  • Doesn’t money have to be backed by gold to be reliable?

For more in-depth background on these and related topics, please look into the last section of the book Got Choices.

For the less patient, review the introduction page on different ways of implementing money. For the more technical minded, this chapter is a great jumping-in spot. If you are a programmer, you can download the source code. Or just keep reading in chapter sequence (Next button) to learn more about MyCHIPs.
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