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MyCHIPs Digital Money

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Getting Started

The first step to implementing MyCHIPs is to gather a team.

This work has been introduced without restriction, other than the copyright of the website itself, and a requirement for proper attribution. There is no pending or issued patent for proprietary protocols or algorithms. There is no intent to monopolize the system or benefit from a “premium” reserved for early adopters.

Rather, MyCHIPs is intended as an open-source software, and real world project, which everyone can use, but no one can monopolize. A software license should be chosen which allows everyone to freely use the software and to modify it, but not to decommoditize it or monopolize it for their own gain. And the protocol should be completely free and open, so everyone can communicate effectively according to a known and predictable standard.

The team likely starts with software architects who understand money as credit, and also understand public/private key encryption, TLS, and a number of other network security methods. The team also needs financial minds and legal minds to help negotiate the many practical and regulatory challenges that will present themselves. And of course, the team needs talented and gifted programmers to implement the code in a robust and reliable way.

Once the software is ready, it can be freely adopted for clubs, and other intimate groups who already have their own existing real-world trust. As the system gets tested and debugged, it will become reliable enough for a few brave companies and individuals to begin to deploy in commerce.

Then, it goes one of two ways. Either it works so good, lots of people want to use it, and it begins to pick up a large user base. Or, it doesn’t. If it stays small, no one will care. But if it is done well, and it gets used, the forces of opposition will begin to rise up in defense of the status quo. The fight will begin.

If the user base is large enough, free money will eventually succeed in spite of the opposition. If too many people are too comfortable just laboring under the bondage of old money, then that is what they will get to live with.

If you want to be part of the team, head to the next section, a more detailed description of how the software should work.

And please make contact. Your input on these pages is welcome!
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